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May 2019, MC93,
The Seven Against Thebes, by Aeschylus

    Translation, adaptation and staging: Ismini Vlavianou

    Sets, costumes: Anne Mériaux

   Artistic speaker: Samir Siad, actor-director

    Video projection: Yoann Minet, graphic designer

    With 31 Terminale and Première Option Théâtre students


    When Oedipus learns that after having killed his father, he married his mother and gave her four children, he gouges out his eyes cursing his sons Eteocles and Polynices, condemning them to share the kingdom of Thebes on iron by hand. Thus, in The Seven against Thebes, Eteocles, king of Thebes, warned by his messenger that Argive enemies are attacking the gates of the city, and that his brother Polynices is posted in front of the seventh gate, goes to confront him.  

    Long before Antigone by Sophocles, the tragedy of Aeschylus made the voices of women heard: powerless in the face of the arbitrations of men, they condemned fratricidal struggles by granting the two sons of Oedipus the same burial. 

Ismini Vlavianou

Invitation Les Sept contre Thèbes.png

repetition  the Seven against Thebes

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