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May 2021, MC93,


  Louise Michel High School,  



Friday, May 21, 2021



based on three comedies by Molières,

The School for Women, Tartuffe, L'Amour Médecin (excerpts)

  Adaptation and direction: Ismini Vlavianou

With 19 students from Terminale Theater specialization, supported by 2 students from Terminale Option Théâtre

Des Femmes Le Tartuffe Acte III scène 3 Tartuffe et Elmire
Des Femmes -L'Amour médecin dernier intermède
Des Femmes L'Ecole des femmes Acte V scène 3 Arnolphe et Agnès
Des Femmes L'Ecole des femmes Acte II scène 5 Arnolphe et Agnès


    How to play Molière in 2021, with the troop of students from Terminale Spécialité? How to choose between the three works on the program, L'École des femmes (1662) and Le Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur (1669), two comedies that raised criticism and controversy, and L'Amour Médecin (1665), comedy-ballet and premiere staged at Versailles by the Roy's troupe?

    We decided to propose a dramatic montage, composed of 19 scenes and 2 intermissions, which takes as its point of attachment the female characters. From the candid Agnès to the astute Dorine, women in Molière always manage to thwart the designs of patriarchal domination. ‟Women”…, then!

                                           Ismini Vlavianou

















Editing, direction: Ismini VLAVIANOU

Costumes : Charlotte MERLIN (Costume Manager, MC93)



Distribution of roles by scene

1st scene The School for Women, I, 2: Alain: Dinesh SASIKUMAR, Georgette: Djanka KOUROUMA, Arnolphe: Carlos MEA

2nd scene Le Tartuffe, I , 4: Orgon: Rehan MOHAMMAD, Cléante: Ajit RATTINAVELOU, Dorine: Inesse MELLOUKI

3rd scene The School for Women, I, 3: Agnès: Christine CAÏ, Arnolphe: Rakul ILAKKUMIKANTHAN, Alain and Georgette: Dinesh SASIKUMAR and Djanka KOUROUMA

4th scene Le Tartuffe, II, 1: Orgon: Maxime DA SILVA-BAUDRY,

Mariane: Emma Sussère

5th scene Doctor Love , I, 3: Lisette: Dinesh SASIKUMAR,

Sganarelle: Y anneris BORDIN, Lucinde: Aïssatou BATHILY

6th scene Le Tartuffe, II, 2: Dorine: Inesse MELLOUKI, Orgon: Nassim BENDAOUD, Mariane: Christine CAÏ

7th scene Le Tartuffe, II, 4: Valère: Yanneris BORDIN ,

Mariane: Mariam HAÏDARA, Dorine: Inesse MELLOUKI

8th scene The School for Women, II, 3: Alain: Maxime DA SILVA-BAUDRY, Georgette: Aïssatou BATHILY

9th scene Le Tartuffe, III, 2: Tartuffe: Carlos MEA,

Laurent: Ajit RATTINAVELOU, Dorine: Khattyani REYMOND

10th scene The School for Women, II, 5: Arnolphe: Elias ZARKA-BLIN,

Agnes : Khadija ELOMRI

11th scene Doctor Love, I, 6:

Lisette: Mariam HAÏDARA,

Sganarelle: Syphax AKIL

First intermission: Champagne: Djanka KOUROUMA

12th scene The Doctor's Love, II, 1 and 5: Sganarelle: Yanneris BORDIN, Lisette: Inesse MELLOUKI, Messrs. Macroton and Bahys: Djanka KOUROUMA and Ajit RATTINAVELOU

13th scene The School for Women, III, 2:

Arnolphe: Rakul ILAKKUMIKANTHAN, Agnès : Khattyani REYMOND

14th scene Le Tartuffe, III, 3: Elmire: Lauryn LAGUERRE,

Tartuffe: Rehan MOHHAMMAD

15th scene Le Tartuffe, IV, 4: Elmire: Lauryn LAGUERRE,

Orgon: Dinesh SASIKUMAR

16th scene The School for Women, V, 3: Agnès: Emma SUSSERE,

Horace: Rakul ILAKKUMIKANTHAN, Arnolphe: Elias ZARKA-BLIN

17th scene The School for Women, V, 4: Arnolphe: Elias ZARKA-BLIN,

Agnes: Emma Sussère

18th scene Doctor Love, III, 4 to 6: Sganarelle: Ajit RATTINAVELOU, Lisette : Khadija ELOMRI, Clitandre: Djanka KOUROUMA, Lucinde: Christine CAÏ

19th scene Doctor Love, III, 8:

Comedy: Lauryn LAGUERRE,

The Ballet : Dinesh SASIKUMAR, The Music: Carlos MEA,

Clitandre: Djanka KOUROUMA,

Sganarelle: Syphax AKIL, Lucinde: Christine CAÏ, Lisette: Khadija ELOMRI


crowd of dancers for the second intermission 

The two presenters  Oumaima MAAZOUZ and Souleymane SALLAH

(Terminal Theater option)

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