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May 2018, MC93,

9th Festival of Schools, MC93, Bobigny

The Troupe of Elders by Louise Michel

Strangers more mobile than the waves,

by Christian Cogne

Free adaptation and staging:

Ismini Vlavianou 

Assisted by Anne Mériaux

Piece mounted by

"The Troop of Elders by Louise Michel-Bobigny"

, all from the High School Theater Option


Invitation Des étrangers plus mobiles q

Piece: Strangers more mobile than the waves


The city wears out my dreams

But I fear neither exile

Nor the early mornings


At the risk of my life

I digress

Far from where I come from


stop on the way

No use



Play put on by "La Troupe des Aînés de Louise Michel-Bobigny" (19-23 years old), all from the High School Theater Option, and clearing their own artistic path: BAGEA Enrick,  DOLCINE Jennifer, GOPROU Aude, ILIC Emilia, PIES Kyan, PIES Yonathan, QUICHAUD Alexia, SAMBA Daphné, SAINT-HILAIRE Marie-Julie, TAMBWA KALOMBO Francis, WIERTELAK Arthur, YOKPROGUHE Maëlle, and with the exceptional participation of NDOFUSU-MBEMBA Josué.   

Anne Mériaux as the filmmaker.

Round table in the hall of the MC93 with teachers and actors

Capture d’écran 2021-06-26 à
Table ronde dans le hall de la MC93 avec
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