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First Festival of Schools.   

May 28 and 29, 2010 8:30 p.m. ,  MC93, Rehearsal Room


The Visit of the Old Lady,
by Friedrich Durrenmatt


Referring teacher: Ismini Vlavianou

Associate Professor: Anne Mériaux

Artistic speaker: Natascha Rudolf


With 20 students from the Atelier Théâtre de Seconde, Première and Terminale


Claire Zahanassian        Betty DIOP (act I)         

                     Laura EL KATCH (act II)       

                     Daba THIAM (act III)       

Alfred Ill                Gueylors LATTE-KOLASSO (act I)   

                     Djimé TANDIA (act II)       

                     Demba BA (act III)         

The mayor               Sarah ES SAKHY         

The director              Augustin LU HUANG       

Pastor               Alexandre MAJERI         

Gendarmerie Adjutant   Sheikh THIAM         

Doctor              Cindy PINTO           

The painter                Brahim BENTAHAR         

The Husbands of Claire Z       Ismail ABDELFETTAH        

The Valet        Mamadou DJALO         

The Woman of Ill           Kahina HADJOUT       

The Mayor's Wife         Myriem SOUIDI         

Ill's Daughter              Yasmina KANDOUSSI        

The Son of Ill              Anouar MOHAMMEDI       

The First Citizen          Mehdi MOUSSA BENYACINE      

The Second Citizen        Mohamed CHAKAY         

The Third Citizen        Apollinaire LATTE-KOLASSO     

The Fourth Citizen       Camille LUCE-ROZET       

The First Woman         Nawel BENYAHIA         

The Second Woman         Giusette MANILING         

The Bailiff                Nawel BENYAHIA         

The Gymnast             Younes DJOUDI         

The photograph            Myriem SOUIDI         

The operator              Myriem SOUIDI            

The reporter              Camille LUCE-ROZET       

The Speaker              Younes DJOUDI         

The station master           Giusette MANILING         

The conductor           Giusette MANILING         

The two Bonshommes       Bouchra CHAANOUNI       

                      Amina KHITER         

The two Carriers           Djime Tandia         

                     Younes DJOUDI         

Gueylors               LATTE-KOLASSO      

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