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Louise MicheL high school in Bobigny


Argan is a legendary hypochondriac. But why does this caprice deprive the father of his lucidity towards the feelings of his wife, Béline, and his daughter, Angélique? If Béralde contrasts intellectual intelligence with the madness of the medical profession, don't Toinette and Angélique depict that of the heart which ultimately cures the sick body of the master of the house, Argan?

It is this intelligence of the heart soothing the relationships between the members of a family that guides us in the representation on stage of the varied forms and registers exploited by Molière in this ballet comedy.


Artistic speakers: Samir Siad and Valérie Aubert

Teachers: Ismini Vlavianou and Anne Mériaux

Adaptation: Ismini Vlavianou
Pianist: Leandro Lacapère


With the students of the theater workshop:

Argan, imaginary patient: Hanny El Sayed, Fidel Nwosu, Lila Ouddak
Béline, second wife of Argan: Mélanie Eyamo, Nathanaël Pitard
Angélique, daughter of Argan and lover of Cléante: Maëva Abanda, Naomi Confiac, FatIma El Maghloub, Sabrina Ziane
Louison, granddaughter of Argan and sister of Angélique: Gobika Tharmagulasingam
Béralde, brother of Argan: Sophia Kouba, Khadjidia Sakho
Cléante, Angelique's lover: Vincent Azouani, Daphne Samba
Mr. Diafoirus, doctor: Tianqi Dong
Thomas Diafoirus, his son and lover of Angélique: Adam Alaoui, Zacharia Khaldi
Monsieur Purgon, doctor of Argan: Houssame El Katch
Monsieur Fleurant, apothecary: Houssame El Katch
Mr. Bonnefoy, notary: Frida Lingola
Toinette, maid: Nawel Benyahia, Florence Pitard, Amel Saïdi, Naïssée Yansane
Polichinelle, loan shark and lover of Toinette: Samia Bensaïd
Archers, night police: Gobika Tharmagulas Ingam, Hakim Zoubir
Women Mores: Naomi Confiac, Stacy Marie-Louise, Aurélie Nerplat,

Darren Nzuzi


With the support of the Lycée Louise Michel de Bobigny and the MC93.
The artistic workshop is subsidized by the Academic Delegation for Cultural Action – Rectorate of Créteil, the Town Hall of Bobigny and the Île-de-France Region.


MC93 technical team:
General manager: Lionel Lecoeur 

Lighting manager: Eric Louchet 

Sound manager: Alice Morillon

Stage management: Karim Hamache 

Machinist: André Boudic 

Electrician: Morgane Rousseau

Oleg Efremov Hall: the  May 24, 2013 at 8 p.m. and May 25, 2013 at 6 p.m. 

Estimated duration: 1h20


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Imaginary sick
Based on Le Malade Imaginaire by Molière .

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