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La Prise de Troie 2009 MC93.PNG

May 2009, MC93,          Christian Bourgois Room,
The catch

Invitation Prise de Troie début_edited_e
Invitation Prise de Troie fin.jpeg

April 2010, Participation in the European Festival

school theatre, Athens

Excerpts from the play The Taking of Troy

played by 10 young people supported

by video recording made in May 2009. by Grégory Métay


Theatrical adaptation of Homer's Iliad

and direction: Ismini Vlavianou

In collaboration with Anne Dimitriadis  

With the support of Serge Lipszyc (ARIA)

Stage objects: Anne Mériaux

Video: Grégory Métay

Voice-over: Augustin Lu Huang

Music: Iggy Pop, “I want to go to the beach”,

extract from the album Préliminaires, spring 2009;

Depeche Mode, “Wrong”,

from the album Sounds of the universe,

spring 2009

Duration of the show: 1h15


With the students of the Theater Workshop


Andromache       Gracielle Maniling

Hecuba          Kahina Hadjout

Trojan women  Ghizlane Azzouz, Miriem Souidi,

              Laura El Katch

Helen          Betty Diop

Briseis           Betty Diop

Servant        Yasmina Kandoussi

Nurse         Ghizlane Azzouz

Thetis          Nora Benhassine

Iris            Laura El Katch

Hera           Valentina Vuckovic

Artemis          Ghizlane Azzouz

Aphrodite        Miriam Souidi

Athena          Sarah Es Sakhy

captive woman   Yasmina Kandoussi

Hector          Augustin Lu Huang

Achilles 1         Camille Luce Rozet

Achilles 2        Younes Djoudi

Patroclus         Mohammad Butt

Paris           mohamed chakay

Aeneas           Mamadou Djalo

Ulysses          Alexander Majeri

Ajax of Telamon  Djime Tandia

Ajax of Oilea      Kirusanth Nadeswaran

Agamemnon      Nora Benhassine

Menelaus        Demba Ba

Merion          Ikrame El Hachimi

Phoenix          Kirusanth Nadeswaran

Swallowtail        Daba Thiam

Sarpedon       Mamadou Djalo

Diomede        Sheikh Thiam

Nestor          Dosylia Bendo Bilombo

Antilochus        mohamed chakay

Glaucos        Medhi Moussa-Benyacine

Idomenee       Mehdi Zeghdoud

Zeus          Gueylors Latte-Kolasso

Apollo         Daba Thiam

Ares          Sheikh Thiam

Poseidon        Mehdi Zeghdoud

Hephaestus      Mehdi Moussa Benyacine

Heralds        Yasmina Kandoussi, Ghizlane Azzouz,

            Betty Diop

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