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Lycée Louise Michel Bobygny




Peace, Irenaeus, Aristophanes


Aristophanes writes Peace towards the end of the Peloponnesian War, in an Athens bloodless and ruined by the fratricidal fights against Sparta and its allies, and the political troubles which undermine the sovereignty of democracy. Indignant by the demagogic proclamations of all warmongers who persist, in contempt of the people, in the destruction of the illustrious city, the pacifist and pragmatic Aristophanes writes a tale for his fellow citizens: Trygée, a peasant, climbs to Heaven to release Peace imprisoned by the gods of Olympus and bring it back down to earth to the delight of all Athenians.

By updating the play in a staging staged with the 28 high school students, the theater workshop dreamed of a collective celebration of all the young people who claim the right to live together in peace.

                Ismini Vlavianou


Theatrical adaptation Ismini Vlavianou

Teachers Ismini Vlavianou, Anne Mériaux

Artistic speakers Samir Siad, Valérie Aubert

Recording Grégory Métay

Approximate duration 1 hour


With the support of the Louise Michel de Bobigny high school and the MC93, Canal 93, Les Rencontres chorégraphiques.

The artistic workshop is subsidized by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Ile-de-France and the Academic Delegation for Cultural Action – Rectorate of Créteil, the Town Hall of Bobigny, the Sciences Po Foundation and the Ile-de-France Region. France.


With the students of the Theater Workshop


Trygée, winegrower from Attica            Ismail Abdelfettah, Clement Batard,                                  Mehdi Es Sakhy

His servants                    Houssame El Katch, Fidel Nwosu,                                   Stella Zaidi, Alexis Persevalle

His granddaughters                   Nawel Benyahia, Naïssée Yansane

Hermes                        Bouchra Chaanouni,                                           Amina Khiter

The war                       Paula Cordas

Brawl, Handmaiden of War         Melanie Eyamo

The peace                         Fatima El Maghloub

Festivity                         Naïssée Yansane

Summer Treasure                      Sabrina Ziane

Sacripan, oracle-teller             Iliesse Bentahar

A maker of scythes                Benjamin Fardoux

A Gunsmith                      Marvin Ekeke Ekeke

A little boy, son of Vatenguerre       Florence Pitard

Another little boy, son of Cleonyme   Vincent Azouani

The Herald                         Firas Loukil, Inès Zoubir

The choir                         Maeva Abanda, Ismail Abdelfettah,                                 Vincent Azouani, Clement Batard, I                                  jubilation Bentahar, Nawel Benyahia,                                  Bouchra Chaanouni, Paula Cordas,                                 Marvin Ekeke Ekeke, Houssame El                                  Katch, Fatima El Maghloub,

                               Mehdi Es Sakhy, Melanie Eyamo,                                  Benjamin Fardoux, Amina Khiter,                                   Sophia Kouba, Frida Lingole,                                     Firas Loukil, Fidel Nwosu,                                        Alexis Persevalle, Florence Pitard,                                   Nathanael Pitard,                                             Amel Saidi, Khadjidia Sakho,                                     Naïssée Yansane, Stella Zaïdi,                                    Sabrina Ziane, Inès Zoubir

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