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The Peloponnesian War,

by Thucydides

MC93 Bobigny, Small room

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 April 2007, 8:30 p.m.


By the Lycée Louise Michel secondary school theater workshop

Lycée Louise Michel Bobygny



Staging           Anne Dimitriadis

                    Ismini Vlavianou, Anne Mériaux

Theatrical adaptation       Ismini Vlavianou

scenic objects         Anne Meriaux

assisted by students,

particularly              Imran Muhammad,

                    Meera Loganathan and Nathalie Zheng

Suits               Charlotte Merlin,

                     Elisabeth Honoré-Berthelin

Lights                Pierre Setbon

His                   Etienne Dusard, Alicya Karsenty

stage management            Andre Boudic

General management            Lionel Lecoeur

Musics               Tsamiko, Dionyssis Savopoulos,  

                     Athens, 1982

                     Monster, The Automatic,

                      London, 2006`

Excerpts from The Peloponnesian War, Book I, Chapter 143,

"The speech of Pericles on the eve of the beginning of the war",

read in ancient Greek by Ismini Vlavianou


The Peloponnesian War is dedicated to memory

by the Mayor, Bernard Birsinger



Students in order of entry on stage


The director        Thomas Griffoul

Thucydides the Elder         Mickael Bekka

Thucydides the Younger         Augustin Lu Huang


The Athenians           

  Demosthenes, strategist       Adil Oru

Eurymedon, strategist        Aurelie Huston

Sophocles, strategist         Sarah Tamundalay

The troops               Julie Guibert

                     Daniel Ranic

                     Amine Rouin                    

                     Mohammad Tahar

                     Nathalie Zhen

  Nicias, strategist          Nadjim Ait-Slimane

Cleon, politician      Steven Mougenot

The messenger              Ines Aissaoua 

The leader of the Messenians      Jessica Barrales

Messinian soldiers       Khet Jeudy

Julie Guibert

the herald                Sami Isbai

The jailers              Djamila Lamini

                     Mohammad Tahar


The Spartans Act,

king of Lacedaemon                   Chaoyi Qu

Soldiers of Agis                       Khet Jeudy

                                Vaakesar Kentirarajah

       The Chiefs                     Nadjim Ait-Slimane

                                Wilfried Maillet

        Thrasymelidas, general           Ben Amini Ali

        Brasidas, general               Farid Aichi

        The ambassadors               Ben Amini Ali

                                 Nahil Dkhaili

                                Aurelie Huston

                                Meera Loganathan

                                 Gracielle Maniling

                                 Imran Mohammad

                                 Sathivel Nadarajah

                                 Rachelle Tuazon

        Epitadas, chief         Safwan Chabout

        Hippagretas, leader        Nahil Dkhaili

        Styphon, leader           Daniel Ranic

        the herald              Wilfried Maillet

        The prisoner           Amine Rouin

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