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SCHOOLS   HIGH SCHOOL: Louise Michel High School

MAY 2017








CAST: 28 student actors

BAGEA Enrick: Figaro (III, 5-10) and Cherub (V)

BAQUE Rolland: Antonio

BLANC Marie: Fanchette

BLAVO Bénédicte: The Countess (I),  Suzanne's Maid (IV), Bazile (V)

BOLEK Fatma: The Countess (II)

BOURGUIBA Anissa: A Lackey (III), Double-Hand (III), Suzanne's Attendant (IV)

DIAWARA Kadia: Marceline (II, V), Bazile (IV)

DIOUF Nafissa: The Countess (IV)

ELOUNDOU MENOUNGA Charles: Don Gusman Brid'oison

ES-SAKHY Samy: Bartholo

GASSAMA Aminata: Pédrille (III), the Bailiff (III)

GENIPA Naomi: Cherub (I, II, IV)

ILIC Emilia: Susanna (II, 13-26, III, 17-19, V)

KIVOUILA Cécilia: Figaro (I, IV, 1-2), Grippe-Soleil (V, 2), Pédrille (V, 11)

KOITA Fatoumata: Suzanne (IV)

LAIFAOUI Anissa: Suzanne (II, 1-8)

LEONIS Love: Suzanne (I, 1), The Countess (V)

LESSILAA Racha: Marceline (I, 4-5), the Next of Marceline (IV)

MANUEL Chanseli: Bazile (I, II)

NOAMAN Assem: Count Almaviva (I, V, 6- 7)

NYONGONI Dylan: Figaro (II, III, 13-19, V, 1-4)

OUATTARA Djara: Suzanne (I, 5-10), Count Almaviva (V, 9-19)

QUICHAUD Alexia: Marceline (III, IV)

SAINT-HILAIRE Marie-Julie: Figaro (IV, 6-15 and V, 5-19)

SIDIBE Assetou: Count Almaviva (II, IV)

SILJEGOVIC Alexander: Count Almaviva (III, 1-11)

SONMEZ Bedehan: Count Almaviva (III, 14-17), a Bailiff (IV)

TAYFUR Evindar: Suzanne (III, 9-10), the Next of Marceline (IV)






     Is there a marriage more famous than that of Figaro? Yet the wedding of Figaro with Suzanne, which seems imminent at the curtain raiser, is not celebrated at the end. This is how Beaumarchais emancipates himself from a genre convention! Their union is made and undone during the crazy day, engaging power games between the valet and his libertine master, jeopardizing the union of Count Almaviva with the Countess, stirring up the world of the castle and mobilizing the vivacity of the a former barber from Seville who is in a hurry to laugh at everything, for fear of being obliged to cry.  

     Room  founder of the French scene through its genre innovations and scenographic inventiveness, La Folle Journée or Le Mariage De Figaro enlisted in its plot the creativity of a troupe of 28 high school students, who brave the complexity of this undertaking with an economy of means .  


                                    Ismini Vlavianou



NOTES TO BE SPECIFIED (funding, support, etc.): The Lycée Louise Michel benefits from grants from the Academic Delegation for Cultural Action of the Rectorate of Créteil (DAAC) and the Political Science Foundation Equal Opportunities. It was also funded by the Town Hall of Bobigny (Aid scheme for School Establishment Projects), and by the Lycée Louise Michel.  

The crazy day
The Marriage of Figaro

The Crazy Day or The Wedding Invitation
Invitation La Folle journée ou Le Mariag
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